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  • Rechargeable (no more batteries to change)
  • Waterproof
  • Automatically adjust
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • TV plays directly into the hearing aids
  • Hands free cell phone conversations
  • Try Them Before You Decide!

Invisible in the canal

Made of Titanium

Made to Last!


Improving Hearing, Speech Clarity and Social Satisfaction 

If you seek custom made, open fit technology, or Bluetooth capabilities in your hearing aid choices then you have come to the right place. Nothing is more valuable for those experiencing hearing loss than communication between their family, friends, and loved ones. Perfect Sounds offers competitively priced hearing aid technology to help those in need of hearing aids. Join in on the conversation.

We Even Offer FREE Hearing Tests, Consultations, and Hearing Aid Analysis!

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Don’t wait another minute to have the hearing you deserve. Perfect Sounds Hearing can restore your hearing faster than you think!

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Perfect Sounds Hearing Care’s Hearing Aids & Service Includes:

  • Price: we offer reasonably priced hearing solutions
  • Vanity:  we give you options for your look
  • Guarantee: we guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with our services and products
  • Warranties: our products are backed by warranty to fix repairs and replacements
  • Follow up service: we find a way to communicate how the rest of the process will go

Why should you have to pay between $5,000 to $6,000 or even more to receive total hearing satisfaction? The answer is that you shouldn’t! Perfect Sounds Hearing Care is your ultimate hearing aids Monroe, NC destination for Premium Hearing Technologies and Accessories at affordable prices, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You know we actually care, because if you need us to come to you, we understand. Give us a call and we will be there to help. And yes, easy financing is an option, too! Improve your hearing, speech clarity, and social satisfaction now.