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Kevin Wilson is a NC Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. He has been in the hearing industry for over 19 years, working in multiple capacities. He has lived in the Waxhaw, NC area, just near Monroe, NC for the past 14 years with his wife and children. In his years of experience, he has had the great satisfaction of helping people in the county with their hearing needs. Indeed, he guarantees that you will be satisfied with his products and services, too!

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Perfect Sounds Hearing

How did Perfect Sounds come about?

I started in the hearing aid business in 2000 with a large nationwide hearing aid chain. Initially, for me, it was just about selling hearing aids and making my commission. Several months into the business, I had an older gentleman come into my office with his daughter. At the end of the process, he was hearing very well and his daughter started crying, which go me choked up. I could hardly speak. I will never in my life forget that moment. It is the very moment that I went from selling hearing aids, to helping people hear better. I could actually help people and make a difference in their lives. Now that my objective was to help people, I felt like most people couldn’t afford my help because of the prices, so at my first opportunity, I left there and started Perfect Sounds Hearing Care, where I could give people the help that they were looking for at a price that was more affordable.

What to expect at Perfect Sounds Hearing Care

At Perfect Sounds, you will find a clean, professional atmosphere, yet very friendly, welcoming and somewhat casual. You will feel comfortable and will never feel pressured.
You can grab a cup of coffee or a cup of water if you want and we will go into the testing room. There we will just sit at a table and talk for a while to get to know each other before your hearing test.
After your test, if you need help hearing, I will program the appropriate hearing aids and let you wear them. We will then talk about the aids and the prices (which wont be beat) for a bit while you wear them. We will listen to the TV, listen to the TV with the Bluetooth, (which is just awesome, everybody loves it) and let you listen on the phone. We will even go outside and listen if you’d like. From there, its all up to you. I’m not going to pressure you into making a decision. But if you decide to let me help you….
  • All of our products come fully warranted and fully insured.
  • You will never have to pay for follow up visits to get your aids cleaned and checked
  • We will give you a free test annually and adjust the aids as needed
  • You will always be happy to come and see me and I will always be happy to see you
  • And know that I will always do my best for you