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Improving Hearing, Speech Clarity and Social Satisfaction

Perfect Sounds Hearing Care brings premium hearing technologies and accessories to our patients that are considering hearing aids for the first time or to replace an existing set. To learn more about our extensive list of products and services, review the information below. Notably, we offer FREE Hearing Evaluations and Consultations, custom made 100% digital hearing technologies, and at affordable prices. Some of our PREMIUM, automatic, Bluetooth Hearing technologies we offer for only $1495. These numbers mean you could hear clearly and save a lot!


Our Premium Custom Made Instruments At a Glance:

SpeechBeam+: For 360° speech recognition.

AutoSurroundHD: Optimum sound and clear speech in every situation.

SurroundOptimizerHD: Optimizes speech recognition and hearing comfort.

Acclimatization Manager: For a comfortable adjustment.

BiLink: Intelligent binaural synchronization.

BiPhone: Stereo hearing with both hearing systems when telephoning.

Frequency Compression: Transfer of signals from the inaudible to the audible range.

Direct Sound Management: Reliable maintenance of sound quality with open feeds.

Tinnitus System: Integrated tinnitus function for a system provision for tinnitus patients.

Our Receiver in the Canal Instruments At a Glance:

Tinnitus Care: integrated tinnitus function for optimal tinnitus patient care.

Acclimatization Manager: for comfortable adjustment.

AutoSurround: superior sound and clear speech in any situation.

SurroundOptimizer: optimizes speech clarity and hearing comfort.

Frequency Compression: Transfers signals from inaudible to audible range.

BiLink: intelligent binaural synchronization.

BiPhone: stereo hearing on the phone using both hearing systems.

Direct Sound Management: reliable preservation of sound quality with open fittings.