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Improving Hearing, Speech Clarity and Social Satisfaction 

Living with Hearing Loss

Living with a hearing loss is not easy for the individual, their family or their friends. The constant need to ask people to repeat is both frustrating and sometimes embarrassing for all parties involved. Untreated hearing loss can lead to withdrawing from social activities as well as significant family friction and sometimes depression. Fortunately, with today’s hearing technologies, very satisfying and often times life changing hearing help is easily accessible.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

  • Regularly have to ask people to repeat themselves. You hear people speak but the words are not clear.
  • Playing the TV too loud for others. Sometimes having to watch TV separately from your spouse or family.
  • Feeling somewhat left out of group conversations.
  • Don’t enjoy talking on the telephone.
  • You have difficulty communication with your children or grandchildren.

Hearing Loss Solutions

Today’s automatic, high definition, computer programmable hearing instruments allow a person to hear comfortable, clear speech in nearly any listening environment. The design of Open Fit instruments, generates a more natural sound and comfortable feel than the hearing aids of the past while maintaining a discreet appearance

Accessories such as blue tooth, remote controls and remote microphones can address a multitude of special hearing challenges.  Normal conversation, listening to TV, hearing in meetings, listening in large rooms or groups and talking on the phone can all be addressed like never before. A technically inclined specialist should listen to your needs and address them appropriately to insure maximum hearing satisfaction and comfort. 

~ Customer Testimonials ~ 

I purchased hearing aids from Kevin Wilson at Perfect Sounds Hearing Care in Dec. 2015. This was my second set of hearing aids and I have been far more satisfied with these than the others that I purchased elsewhere about 10 years ago, which were also more expensive! Mr. Wilson has been very proactive in following up with me and when I had a problem with one of them, he determined the minor cause and rectified it right then. I would recommend Mr. Wilson’s service to anyone looking for reasonably priced, quality hearing aids and professional care.

B. Nash – Monroe NC

I recently purchased a set of hearing aids at Perfect Sounds Hearing Care. I have been extremely well pleased with the service and price. I decided to go with the Bluetooth for the TV and it is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone. Kevin has been very helpful and patient with me as I ask many questions.

B. Hartis – Indian Trail NC

Very professional. the results of the hearing test were well explained as were the models of the hearing aids. Great turn around time on my order (one day) as was the follow up. All in all I’m very satisfied with the product and service. I would highly recommend Perfect Sounds Hearing Care. Give My Wilson a call!

B. Rockwood – Monroe NC

I have struggled with my hearing for 15 or 20 years now. I have been very pleased with Kevin at Perfect Sounds.The hearing aids, it’s been like Christmas for an adult.I urge everyone to come and see him if you need to.

M. Younkin – Marshville NC

I went to Perfect Sounds to have my hearing checked because I wasn’t hearing very well.Kevin fitted me with a set of hearing aids and I was shocked at all of the things that I had not been hearing. Now I can hear the television and don’t have to have it wide open any more. I’m just amazed at how well I can hear and the price was a lot better than I had anticipated, so I recommend Perfect Sounds to anyone that has a hearing problem.

S. Griffin – Monroe NC