Hearing loss is a major health issue that is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease. It can happen to anyone, any age. Living with hearing loss is not easy. Perfect Sound Hearing is one of your leading experts in the hearing aids Monroe, NC industry. Hearing aids can make living with hearing loss significantly easier. They make it possible for those suffering with hearing loss to hear, understand and better interact with the people in their lives. Here are three reasons that hearing aids can help people feel connected and in control.
Help Improve Social Life
According to The National Council on Aging survey of 2,300 individuals with hearing loss age 50 or older, they found that those who wear hearing aids are more likely to participate in social activities. Nearly 40 percent of the respondents reported improved feelings of self-confidence and 34 percent reported an improved social life. Overall, a majority of hearing aid users and their families found that these devices bettered relations at home. Perfect Sound Hearing offer FREE Hearing Tests, Consultations, and Hearing Aid Analysis! Nothing is more important than communicating with family and friends.
Help Maintain Cognitive Function
Hearing loss directly correlates to problems in cognitive function, resulting in older adults with untreated hearing loss having significant cognitive impairment years sooner than those with normal hearing. Overall, hearing aids can play an integral role in improving long-term cognitive function and helping retain one’s memory and thinking abilities. 
Help you Stay of Danger
Hearing aids can help you stay of danger. Hearing impairment can put you at higher risk throughout the day of not being as alert to sirens, car horns and various alarms. Imagine not waking up to a smoke alarm or not being able to hear an ambulance approaching when you’re on the road.
If you are ready to feel connected and in control , Contact Perfect Sounds Hearing Care Today for a 101 Hearing Solution.