Perfect Sounds Hearing Care specializes in hearing aids in Matthews, NC. Often times hearing loss goes undetected for long periods of time. Hearing loss symptoms are often hard to detect, especially when it’s early on. We want you to have all the tools you need to recognize hearing loss within a loved one, a friend, or even yourself. Here is a list of hearing loss symptoms that you should be recognizing.

1. Not Fully Understanding

Sometimes hearing loss is subtle. If someone is technically hearing what you’re saying but not understanding, then they may be experiencing hearing loss. They may also have a hard time understanding or fully engaging in conversations with multiple people

2. Volume is Loud On Devices

If you notices that someone is turning up the volume on the Television, radio, stereo, etc, then they may be experiencing hearing loss.

3. Withdrawal From Social Settings

When people experience hearing loss before being diagnosed, they often experience stress and fatigue about their sudden difficulties with communication. If you notice sudden withdrawal, strained personal relationships, lack of communication, and overall denial, then you are noticing signs of hearing loss.

How Perfect Sounds Can Help

Perfect Sounds Hearing Care specializes in hearing aids in Matthews, NC. Living with a hearing loss is not easy for the individual, their family or their friends. The constant need to ask people to repeat is both frustrating and sometimes embarrassing for all parties involved. Untreated hearing loss can lead to withdrawing from social activities as well as significant family friction and sometimes depression. Fortunately Perfect Sounds Hearing Care wants to help! Kevin Wilson is a NC Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. He has been in the hearing industry for over 15 years, working in multiple capacities. He has lived in the Waxhaw, NC area, just near Monroe, NC for the past 10 years with his wife and children. In his years of experience, he has had the great satisfaction of helping people in the county with their hearing needs. Contact us today!