Perfect Sounds Hearing Care specializes in selling quality hearing aids in Matthews, NC. Some of the things that actually make or break your hearing aid’s life is the battery. We know that it can be tricky to understand how they operate, so we have made a guide to help. Here is our quick guide to understanding your hearing aid’s battery life.

1.  What Technology Do Batteries Use?

Hearing aids typically use batteries that use what is called “zinc-air technology.” This means that when the battery is taken out of its seal and is exposed to the air, the battery is activated. To make sure you don’t waste any of your batteries’ energy, be sure to remove the tag when you absolutely need it. Make sure you let the battery rest one minute before placing it into your hearing aid. This will allow it to fully activate. Batteries continuously run after you remove the sticker, so it’s important to make sure you aren’t being wasteful. You can preserve your battery by removing your hearing aid at night.

2. Recyclable

Chances are you typically throw away your old hearing aid batteries, but this can add up quick in a landfill. There’s actually a way to recycle your hearing aid batteries. If you take them to a hearing aid center, they’ll be able to recycle them easily.

3. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for hearing aids varies with every type. Some factors that influence your hearing aid are the type of hearing loss the battery is built for, the amount of time a battery is in use, and environmental conditions, and the age of the battery. Your battery should have an estimate with its packaging.

Need More Help?

Perfect Sounds Hearing Care specializes in selling quality hearing aids in Matthews, NC. If you seek custom made, open fit technology, or Bluetooth capabilities in your hearing aid choices then you have come to the right place. Nothing is more valuable for those experiencing hearing loss than communication between their family, friends, and loved ones. Perfect Sounds offers competitively priced hearing aid technology to help those in need of hearing aids. Join in on the conversation. Contact us today!