Perfects Sounds Hearing in Matthews, NC wants you to have all the tools you need when it comes to taking care of some of our high quality hearing devices. We have picked up a couple of tips over the years on some of the best ways to protect, and we want to share. Follow these tips regularly to maintain the quality of your hearing device today.

1. Make Sure the Device is Kept Away From Heat and Moisture

High heat and excessive moisture can cause unfixable damage to your hearing aid. Because hearing aids are plastic, high heat can damage the exterior and warp the plastic. High heat can also cause a lot of sweat or moistures and this could damage some of the interior of the aid. If you are going to be around a lot of heat or moisture, try getting a waterproof hearing aid or get a special case and keep your aid in someplace cool.

2. Regularly Clean Your Hearing Aid

Make sure you check the exact instructions on how to cleanse your hearing aid. If you don’t regularly clean your hearing aid, then earwax and regular ear drainage can feed in to your hearing aid and make it malfunction.

3. Take Out Your Hearing Aid Before You Use Hair Care Products

You may be the most careful person in the world, but some hair care products, such as hairspray, are very hard to control. Just to be safe, remove your hearing aids before you style your hair.

4. Turn Off Your Hearing Aid When You’re Not Using It

This makes sure that you are getting the most life out of your hearing aid battery. Your battery works hard when it’s in use, so it’s important to preserve the battery life while you can. While your device is turned off, leave the battery compartment open so that excess moisture can escape. This will help your battery last longer and prevent your battery from corroding.

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