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3 Warm Weather Hearing Aid Tips|Hearing Aids Monroe NC

As it gets hotter outside, it gets harder for Hearing aids users in Monroe, NC. That's because hearing aids can be easily damaged when exposed to heat and moisture. If you're worried about your hearing aids, we're here to help. Here are 3 ways to keep your hearing...

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3 Common FAQ's Answered|Hearing Aids Monroe NC

Working as hearing aids specialists in Monroe, NC, we get a lot of questions about what we do. Perfect Sounds Hearing Care brings premium hearing technologies and accessories to our patients that are considering hearing aids for the first time or to replace an...

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The Lifespan of a Hearing Aid | Hearing Aids Monroe, NC

You’ve taken the tests, you’ve consulted with your audiologist, and you’ve gotten your hearing aids in Monroe, NC—now how long can you expect them to last? Since you’ll most likely be wearing the hearing aids for the rest of your life, the lifespan of your devices is...

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Summer Hearing Aid Care | Hearing Aids Monroe, NC

Summer is here. This means more sun, warmth and many days spent outside. But for those with hearing loss, the summer can get a little difficult. Hearing aids can be easily damaged when exposed to heat and moisture. Sharp temperature changes can cause condensation; hot...

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Ears 101: Facts You Need to Know | Hearing Aids Monroe, NC

Thanks to advanced technology, mostly stemming from John Hopkins University, the hearing aid world has made large pushes forward to correct hearing loss for around the nation. Their pushes include the facial impact of hearing aids and technology, especially those are...

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